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There’s something comforting about the shape of the Giro Amare II Helmet. It looks light and airy and secure. It also is familiar, as a shape that was so influential, it spawned countless knock-offs.

The basic shape has been around for years. When it debuted, it was the Atmos, a top-of-the-line racing helmet that protected pro racers around the world. While it has moved down the Giro hierarchy, it is still an amazing helmet. Now at a much nicer price. The Amare has also been updated with a newer Roc Loc 5 secondary retention system, and new colors.

The shape is compact. But despite the small silhouette, it has 26 large Wind Tunnel vents with generous internal channeling, to make sure air not only enters the helmet but whooshes over your head and out the back.

There are several reasons for the compact shape. One is Giro utilizing Thermoformed SL reinforcement, a method of helmet construction that allows for larger vents without increasing the protective foam needs. Underneath the polycarbonate shell and inside the expanded EPS foam protecting your head, hides an internal roll cage. This web, which you’ll never see unless your helmet endures a serious impact, only is important when that impact is occurring, as it is designed to hold the foam together to better protect your head. And does it all for only 260g (size Medium) of total weight.

You might have noticed that this looks identical to Giro’s Atmos II helmet. In terms of shape and sizing, it is. Women’s skulls are no different than men’s, and thus no need for a women’s fit. Giro uses a color palette here that could be construed as more feminine or simply pairing up more nicely with the colors that women’s clothing and bikes already comes in. No matter what, if you like the shape, just find the colors that agree with you rather than worrying about the difference between the Atmos II and Amare II.

Between the Roc Loc and the adjustable Slimline buckle system, the helmet fits easily and sits on your head securely. Going down the road, the Amare II cool, both figuratively and literally.

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