Ski and Snowboard Service

Yukon's premier ski and snowboard service centre

Our technicians service all types of ski and snowboard equipment: from waxing to binding mounts to grinds and base repairs. We are the only shop in Whitehorse to offer ski boot fitting services.

Our ski tech equipment includes the following state of the art Wintersteiger products:

  • An infrared wax machine, which allows for controlled heat distribution along the base via infrared lights. This allows for the hard wax to penetrate the base much deeper and effectively and in turn, provide a longer lasting application.
  • An Omega RSBI base grinder was added to the fleet to provide a professional belt sanding and stone grinding service.
  • An edge tuner allows us to sharpen side edges to a variety of different degrees.

The list below outlines some of the ski services we offer. When you bring in your equipment, our experienced staff will take the time to assess and discuss what you need.

Our ski services include:

Hot waxing

  • XC skis, hand iron hot wax: $20
  • XC skis, hot box thermo wax: $30
  • XC skis, hot box deluxe (includes finishing wax): $45
  • Alpine skis or snowboards, hand iron hot wax: $35

Edge sharpening

  • Alpine skis or snowboards, edge sharpening: $20

Alpine and snowboard hot waxing and edge sharpening

  • Alpine skis or snowboards: hot wax and edge sharpening: $45

Ski binding mounting

  • XC ski bindings, screw-in mount: $20
  • XC ski bindings, screw-in re-mount: $30
  • XC ski bindings, install plate system: $20
  • Alpine ski bindings, mount: $70
  • Alpine ski bindings, re-mount: $85
  • Alpine ski touring (AT/backcountry) bindings: $80
  • Alpine ski touring (AT/backcountry) bindings, re-mount: $95

Binding adjustments

  • Binding adjustments: $20

Touring skin cuts

  • Touring skin cuts: $20

Base and edge repairs

Boot fitting

  • Ski boot heat molding: $40
  • Additional boot fitting: $50 and up

Base grinding

  • XC skis, base grind: $75
  • XC skis, race grind: $110
  • Alpine skis, base grind: $75
  • Alpine skis base grind, sharpen and wax: $100

Infrared waxing

  • Infrared hot wax: $25
  • Infrared race wax: $50

Permanent waxless glide

  • DPS Phantom permanent waxless glide: $160