About us

We’re not just a bike shop. We’re a coffee shop. We’re a clubhouse. We’re a workout centre. We’re the hub of the Yukon’s world-famous biking and skiing scene.

Walk through the front doors and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee mixes with the usual smell of rubber and grease. In open-concept style, we share our building with Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters’ headquarters. Their café spreads across the floor towards our service area. Enjoy an Americano while you wait for your bike. Pick up a bag of beans along with your resupply of ski wax.


Our Team

Jonah Clark

Fabien Florentine

Rory Schalko

Eric Lindsey

Curtis Vandale

Brianna Brandon

Josh Decloet


Sponsored Athletes  

  Dahria BeattyDahria

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