We have been major contributors to the development of the mountain bike scene in the Yukon.

Our staff was instrumental in founding the Contagious Mountain Bike Club and helped start the 24 Hours of Light, a festival that ran for over 15 years.

We've organized downhill and enduro races at Mount Sima, put on dirt jump contests, sponsored the Toonie Races series and many other local events. These events are now staples in every Yukon cyclist’s summer; you name it, we’re probably involved somehow!

But Icycle Sports isn't just into cycling. We support a whole host of other events around the territory from cross-country skiing, mushing and ski-joring to snow-shoeing and ice skating.

We can sponsor your event

If you’d like us to sponsor your event, email [email protected] or drop by with a proposal in writing.

Tell us about your event, what you want and what kind of exposure we will receive.

Sponsored athletes